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SAEM OnDemand 2016

SAEM OnDemand 2016

Track: Didactic Session

To view presentations within this track, please click on a session link below.

Session Title
Accepting Risk and the Myth of Zero
Research Out There - A Look at Research in Wilderness and Limited Resource Environments
The Safety Dance: Championing Patient Safety Initiatives Using Simulation in Emergency Medicine
Tech Tools: Top 10 Apps and Electronic Resources for the Medical Educator
Human Resources for the Research Enterprise
Judge Me By My Size, Do You? Using the Force of Ultrasound in the Pediatric Patient
Nepal Earthquake 2015: Post-Disaster Lessons for Professional Development, Education, and Research in Academic Wilderness Medicine
Watch a Doctor Get Sued: Live Medico Legal Simulation
So You Want to be an Academician: Getting (and Giving) Mentoring that Spans an Emergency Medicine Career.
New Models of Care for Psychiatric Patients in the ED
Quality Measurement Registries and Performance Reporting in Emergency Care
Conducting EM Research using Social Media Tools: Applications for Disease Surveillance and Community Engagement
Emergency Medicine X: Creating Innovations Towards Equity (ExCITE)
Medical Education Research: Are You Doing It Without Even Knowing It?
Fellowship in Emergency Psychiatry: Is it the Right Time?
Does Your Teaching Stick: Myths and Facts About Learning, Memory, and Studying…From the Best of the Educational Psychology Literature
Sudden Death in Overtime: Ethical and Practical Challenges for Emergency Physicians and Pre-Hospital Providers in Pursuing Uncontrolled Donation After Cardiac Death
Dissemination of Research Through Social Media
Attention Innovation Educators: Get Published
End of Shift Assessment Forms: Results and Updates from the National CDEM Consensus Conference
Introduction to Qualitative and Mixed Methods Research: Which Method(s) Should You Use?
Frailty in Emergency Medicine: Measurement and Research Implications in Older Emergency Department Patients
Translating Sex and Gender Research into Clinical Practice
Are You an Opioid Outlaw: Legal Controversies Surrounding Opioid Prescribing
High Yield Teaching in the ED Using Low Tech
Get Them Ready for Residency: Opportunities for Emergency Medicine Leadership in Medical School Capstone Courses.
Responsible Conduct of Research: How to Love Your IRB - Rotating Research Curriculum
Moving from Guidelines to ED Practice With Implementation Science Tools: The Case of Older Adults in the Emergency Department
The Role of Emergency Medicine in Future of Healthcare Delivery System Reforms
Deliberate Curriculum Design- Effectively translate your content and navigate the CME process
GEMA Didactic Series: So you want to be a Global EM Educator?
Navigating the Chair Negotiation Process: Get the Job and Get What You Need to be Successful
Rotating Research Curriculum: How to Unveil Causal Inference and Properly Analyze Your Findings
Sex, Gender, and Sexual Orientation – A Potent Concoction for Health Disparities
To Err is Human: Apologizing in the Emergency Department
GEMA Didactic Series: So you Want to be a Global Health Researcher?
GEMA Didactic Series: So you Want to be a Humanitarian Responder?
How do you compare: Results of the 2016 AAAEM ED Operations and SAEM Salary Benchmark Survey
Perils and Pitfalls of Journal Peer Review: Navigating the Process and Responding to Manuscript Critiques
Caring for the Transgender Patient in the Emergency Department: A Module From the New ADIEM LGBT Curriculum
Controversies in Emergency Ultrasound: The Debate Rages On
A Dean's Perspective: Attracting the Best and Brightest Medical Students to Emergency Medicine
Palliative Care Starts in the Emergency Department
Leadership Blind Spots: Revealing and Overcoming Hidden Weaknesses
How to Run a Successful ED-Based, Industry-Sponsored Clinical Trials Program
Cardiac Arrest Resuscitation and Post-Arrest Care Updates: What You Need to Know at the Bedside
Updates in Identification and Care of Suicidal Patients in the ED
Cutting the Knowledge Translation Window to Less Than 1 Month with #SGEMHOP
Diagnosing and Remediating Clinical Reasoning Difficulties
The Lecture is Dead: Long Live the Lecture
Stump the Experts: Solving Challenging Cases in Remediation
Emerging Infectious Diseases: Translating Knowledge into Action
How to Effectively Supervise and Teach Residents: Entrustment and Autonomy
Off the Beaten Path: Building a Career in Sports Medicine
The Future of Cancer-Related Research in Emergency Medicine: An Update From the National Cancer Institute and the Comprehensive ONCologic Emergencies Research Network
Pain Management and Shared Decision-Making in the ED: The Future or Destined to Fail?
Improve Your Teaching by Debunking Education Myths: An Evidence-Based Teaching Workshop Using Articles That Will Change Your Teaching Practice (Flipped Classroom)
The Scholarship Pipeline: Best Practices to Keep Your Academic Career Moving Forward
Bowel Ultrasound: Ready for Primetime or Just a Bunch of Crap?
Apprenticeship to Independence: Facilitating Autonomy in EM Learners
Closing the EM Knowledge Gap about Human Trafficking: Advancing Education, Research, and Advocacy in Emergency Medicine
Point-of-Care Ultrasound in the Resource-Limited Setting: Advances in New Educational Techniques, Tools, and Telemedicine
Pearls and Pitfalls of a Resident or Faculty Roast
Perception and Metacognition: Thinking About How You Think