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SAEM OnDemand 2019

SAEM OnDemand 2019

Track: Career Development

To view presentations within this track, please click on a session link below.

Session Title
Developing the Digital You: Creating a Strong Social Media Presence To Expand Your Professional Network
An N-of-1: When is the Best Time to Start a Family? (AWAEM and RAMS Sponsored)
Research Career Mentoring Over the Academic Life Cycle: Tips for Mentors and Mentees
Why your Department Needs a Faculty Skills Development Program, and How to Do It!
So you want to get a job?…Unlocking the secrets to the perfect interview beyond residency
The Vice Chair of Education: Clarifying Roles and Responsibilities and Planning for Success
Six Effective #Shemergency Strategies for Recruitment and Retention of Female Emergency Medicine Residents (AWAEM and RAMS Sponsored)
Strategies for Increasing Diversity in Emergency Medicine: Finding Solutions Through Synergistic Models (ADIEM Sponsored)
Is a Fellowship Right for You? A Panel Discussion for Residents (SAEM Fellowship Approval Committee Sponsored)
Tips for Faculty Success From Department Chairs: Case Studies (AACEM Sponsored)
Academic Wilderness Medicine: Finding Your Niche in the Urban Wilderness (Wilderness Medicine Interest Group Sponsored)
Building Leadership Skills: Consider a Positive Angle
Wellness, Inclusion, Diversity, Equity: The Wide and the Why...That is the Question (ADIEM, AWAEM, and SAEM Wellness CommitteeSponsored)
#MeToo in Emergency Medicine: A Discussion of Gender, Ethnic, and Sexual Discrimination and Harassment in Medicine (SAEM Graduate Medical Education Committee and Wellness Committee Sponsored)
Mentoring the Mentors: Advising Emergency Medicine Educators for Promotion and Advancement (CDEM Sponsored)
Don’t Drown! How to Transition Swimmingly From Resident to Faculty in Academic Emergency Medicine
I Have An Idea': A Primer on Medical Technology Innovation
PEM Articles from 2018 That Will Change Your Practice!