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SAEM OnDemand 2019

SAEM OnDemand 2019

Track: State of the Art

To view presentations within this track, please click on a session link below.

Session Title
SAEM's Got Talent: A FOAMed Showcase (Social Media Committee)
More Than Meets the Eye: Diagnosing Occult Pathologies of IV Drug Users with Point-of-Care Ultrasound (AEUS Sponsored)
Enhancing Reproducibility in Emergency Medicine Research
It’s No Accident: How to Use Crash Telemetry Data in the Emergency Department
Spin Doctors! How to use Rotational Thromboelastometry (ROTEM) in the ED
The Las Vegas Shootings: Emergency Provider Perspectives (Disaster Medicine Interest Group Sponsored)
Echocardiography Research: If You're Not Using Speckle-Tracking, You're Missing Out! (AEUS Sponsored)
The Short Axis to a Successful Prehospital Ultrasound Program (AEUS Sponsored)
Innovation in Multicenter Emergency and Critical Care Trials: Lessons from the NHLBI PETAL Network
Controversies in Emergency Ultrasound: The Debate Rages On
Measuring Quality Improvement in Geriatric Emergency Care (AGEM Sponsored)
What you need on social needs: Top Social Emergency Medicine papers of 2018
Easter Eggs of Acute Heart Failure
A Rights-Based Approach to Emergency Care: Human Rights Considerations for Researchers, Educators, and Advocates (GEMA Sponsored)
Oncologic Immunotherapy – What Emergency Physicians Need to Know
Too much, too little, or just right: a new perspective on variation in emergency care.
Telehealth in Emergency Medicine: The Current and Future State (Telehealth Interest Group Sponsored)
Drug Free! Battlefield Acupuncture to Combat Pain in the Emergency Department
Building and Leading an Opioid Stewardship Program from the ED to the Hospital
A Public Health Research Imperative - Improving Chronic Hypertension Control from the Emergency Department
How to Use Clinical Event Debriefing to Improve Team Performance, Clinical Systems, and Wellness
Medical Ethics in Public View: Managing and Researching Agitation Under Media and Public Scrutiny