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SAEM OnDemand 2019

SAEM OnDemand 2019

Track: State of the Art

To view presentations within this track, please click on a session link below.

Session Title
SAEM's Got Talent: A FOAMed Showcase (Social Media Committee)
More Than Meets the Eye: Diagnosing Occult Pathologies of IV Drug Users with Point-of-Care Ultrasound (AEUS Sponsored)
Enhancing Reproducibility in Emergency Medicine Research
It’s No Accident: How to Use Crash Telemetry Data in the Emergency Department
Spin Doctors! How to use Rotational Thromboelastometry (ROTEM) in the ED
The Las Vegas Shootings: Emergency Provider Perspectives (Disaster Medicine Interest Group Sponsored)
Echocardiography Research: If You're Not Using Speckle-Tracking, You're Missing Out! (AEUS Sponsored)
The Short Axis to a Successful Prehospital Ultrasound Program (AEUS Sponsored)
Controversies in Emergency Ultrasound: The Debate Rages On
Measuring Quality Improvement in Geriatric Emergency Care (AGEM Sponsored)
What you need on social needs: Top Social Emergency Medicine papers of 2018
Easter Eggs of Acute Heart Failure
A Rights-Based Approach to Emergency Care: Human Rights Considerations for Researchers, Educators, and Advocates (GEMA Sponsored)
Oncologic Immunotherapy – What Emergency Physicians Need to Know
Too much, too little, or just right: a new perspective on variation in emergency care.
Telehealth in Emergency Medicine: The Current and Future State (Telehealth Interest Group Sponsored)
Building and Leading an Opioid Stewardship Program from the ED to the Hospital
A Public Health Research Imperative - Improving Chronic Hypertension Control from the Emergency Department
How to Use Clinical Event Debriefing to Improve Team Performance, Clinical Systems, and Wellness
Medical Ethics in Public View: Managing and Researching Agitation Under Media and Public Scrutiny